Rolling Orange Bikes: The Slow Revolution

Dutch bikes are slow and heavy, the antithesis of fast-paced life in New York City. We saw this as an opportunity to champion a slow revolution, helping Rolling Orange bike shop stand out from the competition.



the slow revolution

welcome to a different way.

a different way to bike.

a different way to move.

a different way to live.

ask yourself a simple question.

if you love life, why rush it?

fast has no time for charm.

no time for chance.

no time for wonder.

there are no details in fast.

slow is seeing, feeling,

loving the life you move through.

fast is a schedule. slow is freedom.

fast fades. slow lasts.

fast rushes life. slow enjoys it.

it's simple, really.

if you love life, you deserve a different way.

a better way.

a slower way.

welcome to rolling orange.

Source: PSFK

Source: PSFK

Source: BikeBlogNYC

Source: BikeBlogNYC

Source: Rolling Orange Bikes

Source: Rolling Orange Bikes